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The terrorists spring their trap
Written in 2003
To The Edge
Chamber orchestra and 5 solo singers
Difficulty level: Good amateur or student
A group of 5 composers spent 7 years writing an opera collectively, from libretto through to the final product. We believe it is the only collectively written opera in the sense that we re-wrote one another's music. The performance was a great success, and impressed people with its professionalism, the fascinating storyline, and the coherence of the musical structure. The performance was directed by Stuart Barker, and the soloists were Emily Sharp, Kathy Taylor-Jones, Iain Sneddon, Randy Nichol, Michael Gunney. The orchestra was the LCCO. There are five characters who come together to form an opera company, rehearse an opera, and then attempt a performance. The performance breaks down due to one disruptive character, but the others are all changed in various ways by the experience, and leave reflecting on the what happened. Most of the work was done by a team of Ann Wolff, Ken Edwards, and myself. Janet Davey and Rebecca Wedell contributed to the earlier part of the work. Duration: 90 minutes, in two acts.