[ London, UK ]
Large ensemble/choir (8) Chamber - Wind (11) Chamber - Other (16) Songs (6)
Written in 2016
Four Actions
Flute, Guitar, and Audience
8 minutes
Difficulty level: Professional
These pieces were developed in collaboration with the members of the Montreal- based Duo Piazzolla, Isabelle Héroux, guitar and Chantal Dubois, flute. The ideas for the individual pieces, and the idea of an audience part, arose from our discussions. While I accept responsibility for the notation, many of the Duo's comments in workshops were taken on board. The aim, in each short piece, is to capture and share one particular musical affect. The audience should read their instructions before the performance begins.
The pieces may be played with or without audience participation. If the audience is to take part, they should be given the text of the audience part with the programme note, and allowed a moment to read before each short piece. The instrumentalists should play from the score to help co-ordination. Separate scores are available for the four pieces so that these can be printed separately and used in this way.
Click below to download the Score (and parts if needed) as PDF files.