[ London, UK ]
Large ensemble/choir (8) Chamber - Wind (11) Chamber - Other (16) Songs (6)
Written in 2009
Struggle and Lamentation
Violin and piano
8 minutes
Difficulty level: Professional
I see writing for small ensembles as an opportunity to explore the dramatic relationship between the performers - one of co-operation, conflict, attempts to communicate, separation, or exchange of roles. In this case the relationship is one of intense conflict, as in a duel, with periods of tense observation of the other leading up to a struggle. The struggle does not conclude. Instead the participants join in a lamentation. At the time of writing (winter 2008/9), we were living through a period of economic turmoil, and great dangers for many people. At the same time my elderly mother was suffering from a potentially fatal illness. The coincidence of these events affected my writing of the piece.
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