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Our 2014 Annual Concert
2011 Autumn Concert
2014 Annual Concert
4th October 2014 7:30pm
St George the Martyr, Borough High Street
We will perform pieces from our Spring and Summer workshop. The concert will be organised jointly with the London Composer's Forum.

The programme consists of:

Pieces selected by the orchestra from our Call for Scores:

Miriam Mackie – Flocks
Joanne Griffiths – Silhouette
Sonia Garcia Carbonell - Tiny Moments
Keith Williamson – Lighthouse Music
Luke Price – Unity in Diversity
Laurence Rose – Sky Dancer

Pieces written by members of London Composers' Forum in response to Gluck's Dance of the Blessed Spirits

Liz Sharma – Spirited Dance
Tony Matthews – The Ending
John Heffernan – Broken Gluck
Alan Hilton - Glucklichkeit
Laurence Glazier – Divertimento, The Blessing of the Priests
Jamie Treacher – Gluck Thing
Martin Jones – Spirit Dance

Plus an arrangement of Gluck's ballet piece Dance of the Blessed Spirits