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Our 2014 Annual Concert
2011 Autumn Concert
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3rd July 2021 7:30pm
St Mary-at-Hill
Our postponed 2020 concert. Programme:

Pieces selected from amongst those received in response to our 2020 Call for Scores, by: Frank den Bakker, Florence Ann Maunders, Jonathan Mortimer, Cedric Peachey, Peter Shotts, and Craig Wakeley.

Pieces written by members of the London Composers Forum in response to Gyorgi Liget's piece Lontano, by: Derek Foster, Jules Freedman, Robert Green, John Holland, Miriam Mackie, and Peter Openshaw.
3rd October 2020 7:30pm
28th September 2019 7:30pm
29th September 2018 7:30pm
30th September 2017 7:30pm
1st October 2016 7:30pm
3rd October 2015 7:30pm
18th October 2014 1:00pm
4th October 2014 7:30pm
5th October 2013 7:30pm
6th October 2012 7:30pm
8th October 2011 7:30pm
16th October 2010 7:30pm
17th October 2009 7:30pm
27th September 2008 7:30pm
6th October 2007 7:30pm
23rd September 2006 7:30pm
20th October 2005 7:30pm
4th November 2004 7:30pm