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Our 2014 Annual Concert
2011 Autumn Concert
Next Concert
3rd July 2021 7:30pm
St Mary-at-Hill, Eastcheap, EC3R 8EE
Our postponed 2020 concert. Programme:

Pieces written by members of London Composers Forum in response to Gyorgi Liget's piece Lontano:
John Holland - The Slow Realisation
Miriam Mackie Elevation
Peter Openshaw - Bleak Horizons
Jules Freedman Waves
Derek Foster - Fern
Robert Green - The Detection of the Arrival of a Gravitational Wave

Pieces selected from amongst those received in response to our 2020 Call for Scores:
Craig Wakerley - Slave Ship (part II)
Jonathan Mortimer - Enceladus
Peter Shotts - Gustel's Story
Cedric Peachey - The Temple of Janus
Frank den Bakker - The Fourth Game
Florence Ann Maunders - Fist In The Air

Tickets: 12.50 (Conc. 9) on the door.

Monument Tube, or bus 15.
3rd October 2020 7:30pm
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