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Our 2014 Annual Concert
2011 Autumn Concert
St George the Martyr
2013 Annual Concert
5th October 2013 7:30pm
St George the Martyr, Borough High Street
At our annual concert we will premiere many of the pieces we have been working on during the year. The programme will consist of

- pieces for solo voice and orchestra written by members of the London Composers' Forum. The pieces are:

A Paroled Angel, by Keith Williamson
Songs from Yeats, Part 1, by Alan Taylor
Aria: How I Love my Smartphone, by Laurence Glazier
The Island, by John Heffernan
Bubberly Boo, by Tony Matthews

Soloists: Helen Stanley, mezzo-soprano, Danny Standing, baritone.

- the best pieces submitted in response to our Call for Scores, chosen by the orchestra. These pieces are:

Unio, by Keith Williamson
Trees, by Dimitris Thavoris
Celebration, by Howard Jones
Contradictions, by Caroline Wright
Athos, by John Featherstone
The Breath, by Tony Matthews