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Our 2014 Annual Concert
2011 Autumn Concert
2016 Annual Concert
1st October 2016 7:30pm
St George the Martyr, Borough High Street

Pieces chosen by the orchestra from our Open Call for Scores.

Keith Williamson – Fear the Smiling Surface
Matthew Sallis – Mutation of Sanctus
Luke Price – Cernunnos
Hugo Bell – Scale Invariance
John Gourlay – The Weaving Midnight Moon
Cedric Peachey – Exit Wounds

Pieces written by members of London Composers' Forum in response to paintings by Kandinsky. The pieces, and the paintings are:

Peter Bruce – Circles
John Holland - Yellow-Red-Blue
Laurence Glazier – Rondo 16
Janet Oates – Misremembered Impact
Denis Betro – The Gloating of the Demons