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Our 2014 Annual Concert
2011 Autumn Concert
2019 Annual Concert
28th September 2019 7:30pm
St George the Martyr, Borough High Street
We will meet at 2pm in the afternoon to rehearse, and then perform the concert at 7.30pm. The programme will consist of:

Pieces chosen by our players from amongst those received in response to our Call for Scores:

Peter Shotts - East Berlin Mural
Kieth Williamson - Circe
Cedric Peachey - Nightscape
Matt Rodriguez Payne - Orchestral Skit

Pieces connected with the continents of the planet, written by members of the London Composers Forum.

David Arditti – March of the Pioneers – North America
Alison Doubleday - Chimborazo – South America
Alun Grafton – Saharan Danse - Africa
Isa Suarez – Overcast Dusk - Middle East
Clifford Hughes – The Fatal Shore - Australasia
Liz Sharma – Morning, Noon, & Night - Asia
Simon Tait - Antarctica
Martin Jones - eTunes - Europe